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Welcome to DSLB!

We are a 10M raiding guild looking forward to MoP and everything it  brings. The guild will be recruiting around five exceptional players to fill the rolls in our raid. 

What is the goal of DSLB you ask? Also, what does DSLB even mean?

First off, DSLB stands for Down Syndrome Lobster Babies (Awesome, right?) The goal of this guild is to have fun and progress on our server Arthas. We would like to become known on the server by showing the other top guilds we have what it takes to contend. With that said, we are looking for great players to fill the gap in our raid group. 

Outside of raids, DSLB is a laid back guild. We all joke and have fun together. If you are an overly sensitive person then it is best you rethink your application to DSLB. However, any guild drama will be cut out immediately. If someone is causing issues for the guild and its other members, he/she will be kicked right away and an officer will talk to them after and determine what actions will be taken next. If someone thinks you have taken a joke too far and they make that clear to you, if you continue then it will be a g-kick. 

DSLB uses council loot. With our experience with all kinds of loot systems in the past, council loot will be most fair. Gear handouts will be determined by raid attendance, knowledge of class and performance in raids (hps, dps, raid awareness etc...). It should also be clear healing classes and tank classes will usually get the gear over dps. For example if a piece/token drops that a healer and dps could use and both players have great attendance/knowledge, then it would go to the healer over the dps player. The exception to this rule is if it is your first time raiding with us and a piece drops that dps and healers could use. The dps that has been reliable and loyal to the guild will get it over fresh raiders.

Anyone interested in joining the guild or getting any info on raiding for MoP, whisper any of the following in-game:
  • Splanky
  • Inharm
  • Salimaris
  • Timewarp
  • Acederp
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Getting ready for recruits!

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